Cyber Extortion

Cyber Extortion – How to deal with the Electronic Extorters

The Crime of Electronic Extortion How to deal with the Electronic Extorters


The UAE legislator has criminalized the acts of electronic extortion that Internet and social media users may be exposed to, in the Federal Law No. 5 of 2012 regarding combating information technology crimes. It has determined the penalty for electronic extortion crime with imprisonment and a fine.

When you are subjected to electronic extortion, make sure that the UAE’s electronic crime unit will track the criminal, bring him to justice, and during this period, you should not respond to the criminal’s demands.

Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates and Consultancy Law Firm, through the efficiency of their staff and long experience in dealing with the electronic crimes cases, provides the following advice for those who live the dilemma of electronic extortion:

  • Be neutral towards the person who extorts you. Do not show him your fear as he may go further and raise the ceiling of his demands. Do not show him your anger or speak with him violently or threaten him as he may make his threat real.
  • Do not respond to his requests, as they are a beginning of other requests that he will send you once you respond to his first request, and follow the way of playing for time as possible.
  • Keep the content of his extortion. We know that you wish to get rid of it as it makes you feel anxious or shy but it is a mistake to delete as the content would be in the possession of the extorter only and it would be difficult for the authorities to conduct the investigations. You should of course keep the threatening messages of the criminal as they are the messages of his condemnation.
  • Secure your various accounts on social media, and change their passwords and change your e-mail’s password, so you prevent the criminal from accessing your other data.
  • Do not face your trouble alone. You need someone to trust and to tell him your secrets. He is the one who thinks right while you are overwhelmed with your emotions and troubles.
  • You can also contact us at Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates and Consultancy Law Firm at any time to provide you with the right legal opinion.

Finally, it is a message we would like to convey to all internet and social media users, do not put your trust in strangers you do not know in real life and do not be fully reassured that the websites are able to protect your privacy. Remember, always, that your account may be accessed at any moment and your photos, conversations and personal information will be in others’ possession.   



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