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False Report Filing Crime Attorney Mohamed Al Marzooqi Lawyer Dubai Abu Dhabi

False Report Filing Crime Attorney Mohamed Al Marzooqi Lawyer Dubai Abu Dhabi Lawyer Drug Crime Drug Case WhatsApp: +971555570005
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False Report Filing Crime Attorney Mohamed Al Marzooqi Lawyer Dubai Abu Dhabi Lawyer Drug Crime Drug Case WhatsApp: +971555570005

False Report Filing Crime

Some of the abusers in our societies taste their own evil works. Their ignorance, immaturity and little legal culture impel them to become involved in the crime of filing a false report. The legislator and the authorities consistently encourage the citizen to cooperate with them in executing the law, to report any violation, to act responsibly regarding crimes and violations he may see or hear and to inform the authorities. This cooperation means a true partnership between the citizen and the authorities to protect the society and to ensure its security and stability. All this does not mean that the process of reporting crimes becomes a state of futility aims to harming others and their reputation. On the other hand, the false report confuses the authorities, disperses their efforts and wastes their time in investigating crimes and violations that did not occur.
Legally, we can define the false report as deliberately informing the judicial authority or the administrative authorities – falsely- with an issue attributes a punishable act to a particular person, with the intention of harming his reputation and honor. Accordingly, the false report is a crime if it has its basic pillars, which are:
• The report or the communication with the issue of a penalty, if it actually occurred.
• The authority receives the report, one of the public authorities in the State.
• Falsity of the report, the report shall be definitely false.
The legislator considers the false report as a punishable crime, according to Article 275 of the Penal Code number 3 of 1987 and as amended:
Any person who informs the judicial authority or the administrative authorities of accidents or dangers that do not exist, or of an offense which he knows has not been committed, shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and by a fine, or by one of these penalties.
Article 276 defines the penalty of any person who falsely informs the public authorities, with bad faith and in order to harm others, or anyone fabricates material evidence that a person has committed a crime while he knows he is innocent. The provision of the Article is,
Shall be sentenced to detention and/or to a fine, whoever falsely and with bad faith makes a false report to the judicial or administrative authorities that a person committed something which deserves a criminal penalty or an administrative sanction even if it did not entail filing a criminal or disciplinary action, as well as whoever fabricated false material evidence that a person has perpetrated a crime, or caused taking legal measures against a person knowing that he is innocent.
The legislator makes the penalty both imprisonment and fine if the false crime is a felony:
The penalty shall be imprisonment and a fine in both cases if the false crime is a felony.
In case of ruling with punishing the wronged person as a result of the false report, the slanderer, in this case, shall be punished with the penalty of the wronged person. The Article states that:
In case the false accusation result in inflicting a felony penalty, the slanderer shall be sanctioned to the same adjudged penalty.
It should be said at the end of this article that the UAE legislator worked on enactment of the laws that deter everyone who files a false report, regardless of his intention. The punishment is commensurate at each time with extent of the harm suffered by the wronged person. However, it is important to mention the need to develop the legal culture in the society, to spread the legal awareness among people, and to familiarize them with the laws valid in the State. This protects them from falling into mistakes and violations caused mainly by their ignorance and non-awareness of seriousness of what they are willing to do.

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