Some Advice to Prevent Reaching Divorce

Some Advice to Prevent Reaching Divorce – Mohamed Mahmoud Al Marzooqi law firm Celebrate your marriage every day and express your feelings to him and search

Some Advice to Prevent Reaching Divorce


1- Celebrate your marriage every day and express your feelings to him and search for the things your husband prefers and go ahead with them.


2- Take care of your home, children and husband, as this is an important pillar for building a family, without neglecting yourself and your elegance.


3- Devote time for communication between you. The connection between the spouses produces several hormones that make the person needs for the presence of his spouse near him, and thus strengthening the relationship between the spouses.


4- Keep the privacy of the relationship as the involvement of the parents in the spouses’ life and affairs may lead to occurrence of problems and wrangles continuously and makes life lose its brightness.


5- Be realistic, the girl sometimes dreams of a life full of love and affection and a life free of responsibilities. After marriage, she finds heavy responsibilities on her shoulders.


6- The exaggerated jealousy and observing the movements and silence of the husband often leads to loss of confidence between them and the start of problems.


7- The continuous dialogue and the identification of roles and responsibilities in a realistic and flexible manner keeps the connection index high, which is considered a healthy sign in the marital life.


8- The frequent complaints about the economic problems and the lack of cooperation in solving them cause the husband to go beyond his nature and mention the word of divorce.


9- The comparisons the girl make between her husband and her friends’ husbands poison her marital life and make her life an unbearable hell.


10- The best way to avoid these problems that could lead to divorce is to solve them once they happen. It is a wonderful strategy in dealing with the marital disagreements.


11- Start the discussion kindly and stay away from the terms of pride, stubbornness and challenge.


12- In the event that one of the spouses makes a mistake, the other party should understand the matter, admonish and forgive him/ her, in the nearest time, for the integrity and health of the marital relationship. On the contrary, the accumulated repression and hatred lead, at the moment of explosion to the destruction of everything.


13- Learn how to fix the situation and get out of the controversy, such as changing the topic to something has nothing to do with the existing controversy, using the method of fun and humor.


14- Do not repeat the word divorce. The presence of the term divorce in the woman’s mind makes it an option that can be resorted to in the difficult cases, but forgetting this word and not putting it as an option, makes her looking for other solutions.


15- When a party believes that the other party is responsible alone for the decision of divorce, this means that the separation is inevitable. On the contrary, when each party believes that he/she bears part of the responsibility and admits to himself/ herself that he/ she is directly or indirectly responsible for reaching the brink of divorce, this means the start of the crisis relief.


16- In the serious problems, it is preferable to seek help from those around, such as the family and friends and even psychologists and sociologists. This can help the couple to break down the barriers and bring them back to the dialogue table to solve the marital problems before it is too late and before divorce.


17- Remember the reasons for which you chose your husband and think of the common good things. Recall the nice memories and visit the places which remind the couple of the previous dear meetings where they pledged to live together until the end of life.


18- Giving the other party another chance, this other chance means that the two parties have decided to remember the good times and to focus on the positives and not to make an accusation decision against the other party without hearing the justifications.


19- Divorce is a problem not a solution. Rather, it is a more difficult problem than the marital controversies, regardless of their size, especially in the presence of children, in addition to the judicial procedures and financial matters related to divorce.


20- Remember that divorce is the most hated thing to Allah.


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