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Suicide – Social and Legal View UAE Law Mohamed Al Marzooqi Advocates lawyers Dubai Lawyer Abu Dhabi UAE Drug Crime lawyer Drug Case WhatsApp: +971555570005

Suicide – Social and Legal View UAE Law

Suicide is a dilemma which rich and poor societies suffer from. Suicide is a crime committed only by a melancholic personality created solutions for itself after being immersed in a quagmire of illusions and delusions until the horizon of its life became narrow and found suicide a quick way for salvation.
Suicide is only executed with the previous intention of the suicide to end his life with his choice, thinking that this is a quick way for rest and getting rid of his problems forever.
There are many reasons for suicide and the economic condition of the suicide cannot be ignored as a main reason for committing suicide, as his many economic problems and his financial hardship result in social problems plague him. He finds a solution in suicide to get rid of his burdens, so men suicides are more than women suicides as they mostly carry on their shoulders burden of saving the financial resources and securing the living requirements. In addition to the economic conditions, there are other circumstances and motives for suicide including psychological conditions as patients with depression in the first place in addition to psychosis and schizophrenia commit suicide to escape their long suffering. There are also emotional conditions such as a mother loses her son and this drives her to throw herself from a high place or the adolescents losing their beloved, and the family bad conditions that play an assisting role in motivating their children to commit suicide…
From the legal side, suicide is a crime, and UAE Penal Code imposes penalty for those who commit suicide which is imprisonment and fine as per Article (335) of law number 3 of 1987, as amended by law number 34 of 2005):
A penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or a fine not exceeding five thousand dirham or both penalties shall be applied to any person attempts suicide.
The legislator considers the minor and the person who lacks will as an aggravating condition.
Those meant in the aggravating condition are under eighteen years old, in addition to those who lack will and perception as some of patients of neurological and psychological diseases, and addicts of alcohol, narcotics and psychotropic substances, and legal procedures become more tightened as they harm themselves more than others.
Suicide is often resulted from a person motivates the suicide to kill himself or assists him to complete suicide process by providing the tool of killing or creating the appropriate conditions for suicide, so law criminalizes the act of motivation for suicide as per Article 335:
Any person motivates another person or helps him in any way to commit suicide shall be punished if suicide occurs because of this.
But the legislator is aware of motivation for suicide received by a person lacks perception and choice, so it mentions the following:
The instigator shall be punished with penalty of voluntary manslaughter or attempted murder as the case may be if the suicide or the person attempts suicide lacks choice or perception.
It is clear that the legislator equates the instigator for a person lacks his will for committing suicide with who intentionally kills or attempts to kill.
In conclusion, with all the crises the contemporary human being suffers suicide is not a solution but it is an unjust decision. God has not given us soul to return it to him when we wish. It is also a selfish decision, what is the fault of those around us who love us and care for us to make them suffer pain of departure and to be cause of their sadness.

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