The 5 Most Important Questions in United Arab Emirates Law

The 5 Most Important Questions in United Arab Emirates Law When can the traffic officer arrest the vehicle’s driver ?This may be WhatsApp: +971555570005


The 5 Most Important Questions in United Arab Emirates Law


1- When can the traffic officer arrest the vehicle’s driver ?

This may be admissible when he is caught committing any of the following crimes:

– Causing death or injury to another person because of driving the vehicle.

– Driving the vehicle recklessly or posing a threat to others.

– Driving the vehicle under effect of alcohol or any other drug makes him unable to control the vehicle.

– Refusing to give his name or address or giving untrue name or address, in case of traffic crimes.

– Trying to run away, in case of committing an accident harms the safety of a person, or in case of an order with stopping by a police officer.

( Article 59, the Traffic Law )


2- Can the foreigners work in trade in the UAE ?

Yes, they can but provided that they have a partner or partners from the Emiratis with a portion not less than fifty one percent of the company’s capital. Any assign of shares to a partner that would violate this percent is void.

( Article 23, the Commercial Transaction Law, Article 10 of the Commercial Companies Law )


3- What is the set-off ?

Set-off is the satisfaction of a debt required to a creditor by a debt required from him to his creditor. Practically, it is to deduct a debt from a debt. Suppose that you bought a car with 10 thousand USD, and the seller owes you 4 thousand, so you give the seller the car price after deducting his debt. In this case, you give him 6 thousand USD. The set-ff may either be mandatory under power of law, voluntary under the parties’ agreement or judicial under the judge’s order.

( Articles 368 and 369, the Civil Code )


4- What is the pro rata condition in insurance against harms ?

This rule is basically applied in underinsurance means when the insurance amount is less than the insured upon thing. When the danger occurs and the insured upon thing damages, the compensation amount shall be whether the insurance amount or the value of the damaged thing, whichever is less. If a part of the insured upon thing is damaged, not all of it, here the pro rata condition is applied. If a quarter of the insured upon house is damaged, the compensation amount shall be quarter of the insurance amount, and so on.


5- What is the abdicative divorce between the couples ?

The abdicative divorce is a contract in which the husband and wife agree to terminate the marriage contract in return of compensation paid by the wife or otherwise. It is a contract such as other contracts but it is concluded between a couple to terminate the marriage contract or the marital relationship with compensation by the wife. This could be by agreement between the couple or under the judge’s decision. This compensation could be the dowry paid by the husband, or it can be estimated according to the current custom. In case of abdicative divorce by the judge’s decision, the judge estimates the proper amount. The abdicative marriage, as a contract, stipulates the conditions stipulated by the other civil contracts for the compensation payer and the competency of the husband to enforce the divorce.


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