The Landlords Obligations Toward The Tenant

The Landlords Obligations Toward The Tenant in The Emirate Of Dubai These obligations can be derived from the articles of the law of WhatsApp: +971555570005

The landlord’s obligations toward the tenant in the Emirate of Dubai

These obligations can be derived from the articles of the law of – regulating the relationship between landlords and tenants in the Emirate of Dubai – No. 26 of 2007, as amended by Law No. 33 of 2008, which we have divided into eight obligations:

1. The first obligation approved by the legislator to the landlord is his obligation to hand over the property in a usable condition and to fulfill the benefit to which the tenant has concluded the tenancy contract .

The property may also be structurally incomplete, and the tenant will complete the construction so that the property is ready to be used , as a part of an agreement between the parties that also includes the determination of the party who bear the costs of the constructions .

2. The landlord is obliged to grant the Tenant the necessary approvals to be submitted to the competent official authorities in the Emirate whenever he wishes to perform a decorative work on the property or any other work requiring such approvals , however these such works should not have an impact on the structure of the property .

3. The maintenance and repair work in the property utilities during the tenancy period is the landlord’s responsibility, unless the parties agreed otherwise . For the record, the landlord has no right to make any changes in the leased property that would prejudice the tenant’s benefit of the property.

4. The landlord is not entitled to unilaterally terminate a due and valid tenancy contract except with the consent of the tenant , while he is entitled to terminate it in specific cases clarified by law, which relate primarily to the tenant’s violation of the law, such as breach of contract terms , failure to pay the rent value or use the property for illegal purposes .

5. It’s strictly prohibited for the landlord to cut off services from the property, harass the tenant or restricting his right to benefit from the property .
When this occurs , the tenant is entitled to recourse to the police to prove the situation or to stop the harassment , and the tenant may also file a claim supported by official reports of harassment to the Commission to compensate him for the damage he has suffered .

6. The tenancy contract will not be terminated upon death of the landlord but the tenancy relationship continues with his heirs , also it will not end upon death of the tenant , but his heirs continue to use the property in accordance with the existing contract , unless they wish to terminate the relationship . They may terminate it at least one month after the landlord is notified that they wish to terminate the tenancy relationship .

7. The Tenant will continue to occupy the property and benefit from it even if the ownership of the Property is transferred to another person – if the landlord changed – under one condition that the contract has a fixed date.

8. When the landlord demolishes, reconstructs, renovates and repairs the property, the tenant has priority to lease again , within not more than thirty days from the date of notifying the tenant.

Thus, we have enumerated the landlord’s obligations towards the tenant in the Emirate of Dubai , which can be considered as the rights of the tenant guaranteed by law . One of the most important right is the inability of the landlord to terminate the tenancy contract on his sole will , even if the property is transferred to another person or even if the landlord or the tenant died . The law also prohibits the landlord from harassing the tenant or cutting off services from the property or making any changes in the property that would violate the tenant’s benefit from the property , in addition to that the law gave the tenant priority to return to the property if the landlord renovate or rebuilt it .

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The Landlords Obligations Toward The Tenant in The Emirate Of Dubai These obligations can be derived from the articles of the law of WhatsApp: +971555570005

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