Work injuries insurance

Work injuries insurance and occupational diseases – UAE Accident insurance is an insurance policy that covers the risk that an insured may be exposed to WhatsApp: +971555570005


Work injuries insurance and occupational diseases


Accident insurance is an insurance policy that covers the risk that an insured may be exposed to, which may lead to death or physical injury to a permanent total disability ( loss of vision or limbs ) or permanent partial disability.

Workplace Personal Injury Insurance offers coverage to eligible persons not covered under an Accident Insurance Policy. This policy covers in the event of a work-related injury.

Injuries incurred while travelling to or from work, while on a break from work, or while temporarily working interstate or overseas may also be covered.

Workplace Personal Injury Insurance is an optional insurance and covers anyone deemed an eligible person, is an individual who, other than as a worker, receives remuneration or other benefit for performing work, or providing services as a contractor, a self-employed individual, a director of a company, a partner of a partnership, a trustee of a trust. These persons can insure themselves by taking out this type of policy regardless of age or health.

Work diseases insurance

To effectively address occupational diseases, many social security organizations responsible for insuring and compensating these risks are adopting a more proactive approach. This approach can best be described as ” prevention is better than cure and compensation “.

In addition, occupational diseases insurance is increasingly recognized as being not just a compensation system but also a tool of employment policy and vocational rehabilitation, and a means of supporting social cohesion and economic growth. This new approach gives social security organizations that administer occupational risk insurance a new role with prevention component

The prevention of occupational diseases;

The prevention of unemployment through long-term sick leave of people who have suffered a disease, by introducing rehabilitation and return to work measures.

Social security institutions that promote employment and support higher activity rates increasingly include return to work, rehabilitation and reintegration measures into their client services.

In UAE according to federal law no. 6 of 2007

The insurance sector is regulated and supervised by the UAE Insurance Authority in accordance with Federal Law No. 6 of 2007. Many companies provide insurance services. The following types of insurance services are available in the UAE:

1-life insurance

2- Health insurance

3-Real estate insurance

4-Third party insurance ( including vehicles, personal accident insurance, workers’ injury insurance, train accident insurance, cash insurance )

So in accordance with the above, the work injuries insurance and occupational diseases insurance are in the ( Third party insurance )

Article 4 states:

( In applying the provisions of this law, direct insurance operations are divided into three types

1 – Insurance of persons and fund-raising operations

2-Property insurance

3- Liability insurance )

Summary :

Workers’ compensation may be the only means of recovery for work-related injuries or illness. … Most employers are required to pay into the workers’ compensation system by purchasing insurance for its employees.

Typically, an employer is only required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for its employees. So, independent contractors are not covered because they are not employees. However, an injured worker thought to be an independent contractor may have been misclassified.

Whether or not someone is an employee or independent contractor is determined by a judge or referee at the Workers’ Compensation Board, not by the employer and employee. How the parties actually label themselves may be considered, but those classifications don’t usually determine the outcome of the case.


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Work injuries insurance and occupational diseases – UAE Accident insurance is an insurance policy that covers the risk that an insured may be exposed to WhatsApp: +971555570005

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